Loomis & Jones Creative

Motion Graphics

Selected Idents

Mangajo Drinks TV Advert

The design and production of a TV and Cinema advert for the soft drinks company Mangajo Drinks. Having first established a tone of voice and visual style we then developed that concept into this 30 second clip of motion graphics.

UNESCO Conference Screens

Design and production of screen projections used as a backdrop to a performance at the UNESCO Climate conservation awareness conference at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Produced In conjunction with Just So London.

The National Lottery Instore Screen

The Design and production of the Scrabble Instants (scratch card) Instore Point-of-Sale screen, for The National Lottery. Designed from supplied hand drawn storyboards.

Nomad Cinema Intro Movie

The creation of a "warm up" intro movie to be shown prior to the main feature at Nomad's numerous innovative film screenings and events around Europe. Not only did the piece have to convey the company philosophy (without any words or VO), but also subtly 'settle' the audience through a mesmeric, brand enforcing sequence.

Cold Hard Flash titles

Based on Constructivist design and the US news intro's of the 1970's, this is the first in a series of animated titles used on the Cold Hard Flash video tutorials.

Issa Fashion Brand Showreel

Design and production of a Showreel for the fashion label Issa. This would not only show their latest catwalk collection with use of an optimistic, positive, bright palette, but would also be used as an intro screen for Issa designer Daniella Helayel and her business partner Camilla Al Fayed at the Luxury Brands Conference in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.